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Buyer request "no one is accept"

Hello Fiverr Family,
I’m sending so many buyer request offer…
Its not working for me…
what is a problem ??
please give better suggestion and advice…

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I’m sure you’ve already received (in the past) plenty of tips and suggestions regarding the question you’ve asked in the above post. If the suggestions (given by helpful forum members) have not worked out for you, it doesn’t mean we have to give you better advice.

Maybe you need to do a better job of understanding the given advice and putting it to good use. :smiley:

Also, another thing I’d like to point out is that—these forum members… who give helpful suggestions—do it of their own accord. They spend their valuable time volunteering and helping out Fiverr users like you and me.

So, instead of demanding for better suggestions and advice, I think you need to be eternally thankful and grateful for all the valuable suggestions they’ve given so far. :+1: :sunny:

If you haven’t already, have a look at this :arrow_down: post on how to write better buyer request offers-


I will come up with a few suggestions that you can start implementing right now. They will not work if you don’t DO them. But if you do, you will see great success.

Here are the points to keep in mind:

  1. Impeccable grammar. Proofread everything you send. Mistakes show a lack of professionalism.

  2. Unique quotas. Don’t copy/paste the same thing to all clients. While you can keep some things in a template, like the experience you have and so forth, make sure that every response you give is originally written in accordance to what they ask for. People want to see you took your time to read what they have written.

  3. Don’t look desperate. Desperation looks bad, no matter how you look at it. Keep it professional and don’t be needy. Ask the amount of money you think you deserve and the time that you need to deliver high-quality. IF you had a good month or a bad one, your client doesn’t care. They want quality.

If you implement these I am willing to go into more details and provide more. :+1: