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Buyer Request - No Request Found

Hi Everyone,

I’m pretty new here (signed up in October but only actively posted my first gig last week). Every time I click on buyer requests it says “No Requests found”. I’ve been checking frequently at different times a day. Does anyone else have that issue or know how to solve it? I’m trying to get some reviews for my profile but it’s hard if I can’t even apply for any buyer requests.

Thanks so much in advance!


Pretty sure, that it’s not an issue - there are simply no relevand buyer requests

I’m a new-seller here too. I’m also facing this problem. It’s because of the fiverr system , newbies don’t get to see much buyer req. Even if they do, that’s for a very short time. I’ve seen 10-20 BR within half an hour and then no BR for next 6 hour. You have to stay active all the time.
I hope it helps you. Just a newbie experience.


Don’t give tips, that can only help them TO BE BLOCKED FOREVER!!! It’s 2021! And people still recommend to be active ALL THE TIME! Seriously?


For new sellers buyer requests will be visible for particular time. And it will expire after getting enough offers.
One thing to do is staying online and refreshing buyer request page.


Check this out: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ’s, Times, Issues Etc.)

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False - there is no “particular time”, we see relevant offers. For example, If I am a writer, Fiverr will not show me Requests for Developers, and If I don’t see any requests, there is just to requests for writers

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Thanks so much for the tips everyone! So if I’m a graphic designer, I will only see graphic design requests? I guess I keep refreshing and hoping for something to pop up soon! :slight_smile:

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Hello everyBODY!

Buyers request are provided to NEW sellers minimum 2 times a day in “large” pile.
For every time zone is different.

I for some strange reason got them at night and I contacted CS with evidence after collecting evidence for a month and they changed my settings to European time and then I could see BR at 9 AM and 2PM, so only at those two times. If I refresh after 30 minutes I do not see anything. But that doesn’t mean there are no requests.

As levels 1 and 2 you get to see more BR and they do not disappear, but still you do not get to see ALL the BR available.
Fiverr gives a random amount to each random seller randomly.

You only see BR if the buyer listed that BR in the category you have GIG in.


Every seller has the right to send 10 offers in 24 hours starting midnight GMT.

So if you wait until 23:55 you can send 10 and then after midnight another 10.
Before it was 3 and 5 offer max so they increased it.



Follow the instruction:

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Hey mellitrevino! As a new seller, you will get fewer buyer requests. Don’t give up. Try to be active on Fiverr and focus on work quality. Hope you will gain your next level and then you will find enough buyer requests. In the meantime, I would love to tell you please check your gig keywords and your gig category. If everything ok just wait for a perfect time. Happy freelancing!


I agree with him, it’s depended your Fiverr account badge I mean level, that’s why create some deferent.

how can you find them!
I think this is the actual reason you won’t be able to find any, new sellers like me and you have stormed Fiverr and buyers can’t be happier

I went back to check more of these jokes and here you go