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Buyer Request , no response

Hi fiverreres, Hope you’r doing well. I have Sent 68 buyer request offers but not even single response. My offer is also attractive , i think so. Why I am not getting Response?
How to get order from buyer request?
Please guide me …


U’ve been sending buyer request and no response meanwhile I haven’t been getting buyer request ever since.what an irony of life🤔

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Are you sending the same offer to everyone?

You create an offer for each person based on what they are asking for


I have sent 140 Buyer Requests so far. I didn’t give the same offer to every buyer. I sent the offer as they wanted, but I still don’t have an order after the first order.



Hi, I Wonder Who The First Person To Say Hi Was. I just saw your post that you want excel file that you already have after putting sum data in it. I have gone through your project placement and it matches my expertise. I understand you are looking for a person who can do your office data entry work who is proficient in this niche. Well I am really interested on your project and I can do this work this for you with all the requirements you have ask for. I’m a data entry expert and I will work on your project in a very low cost, something like $5 and you will get some amazing experience in my service. You will be amaze by my quality of work, that’s promise! What more you will get from me? ✓ Quality, Quantity and Honesty ✓ I will give you Unlimited Revisions ✓ I will work for you until you satisfy 100% (No extra charges) ✓ Quick delivery ✓ Friendly communication And many more! Let me know if I can help you out in this. DON’T PAY FOR WHAHT YOU CAN GET FREE. I have read your requirement instruction also and I just want to get 5-star review from you not only dollars. Looking forward to assist you with my service. If you have any confusion, please ask me. I will respond you ASAP! Regards, abdulrehmanlhr

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It is against Fiverr’s TOS to even mention reviews or feedback. :scream_cat:

After reading your offer to Buyer Requests I understand why it does not get responses. It is very long. I would get bored before I got to the end. You seem to boast about your qualifications more than you tell the buyer what you will do for them. :thinking:

You are asking for trouble here. If you do not limit your revisions you could be doing revisions for your buyers for months, even after the gig closes! :scream:

Please read what this frequent buyer says she wants to see in a Sellers response to a Buyer Request.


Would you please tell me what are the shortcomings of my offer description?

"Hello (Buyer Name/ Sir/Ma’am)

Are you looking for the best result at an affordable price? I will take you to your purpose. My top goal is to get a 5 star review from you.
I’m a new seller at Fiverr. But I’m a graphic designer with over five years of experience.

I’ve already seen you have several offers. So, I can customize your images in 24 hours. If you want to recreate your images, okay, I’ll give you 100% satisfaction. At my offer I will serve this all for just only $5, And also We can discuss your budget.
Then, if you need my service please text me inbox.


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Me too. I send a lot of buyer requests but I can not get any reply from them.

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Just tell them your offer. This is extra reading.

What does that even mean?

It is poor English and confusing!

That is against TOS! Read my post above.


@vickiespencer @humanissocial
Can you please send here your buyer request offer that you are sending to clients , just as a sample so that we can get an idea because you both are very professional and experienced, Please.

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Thank you very much! I made this Offer description according to the instructions in the Forum that I saw earlier.

Just Help Please!!!

Professionals don’t use templates. Professionals tailor letters to buyer need.


I do not have a template. Every offer is written in a different way according to the buyer’s request.


You must keep trying to improve your communication skills, there are many articles on this subject to help you in better way. It’s just a simple attraction through your words. If you can discuss about mutual benefits, it would be more attractive. Must remember there are so many “No” to hit one “Yes”. Work on your profile and on your communication skills can bring a huge change in your revenue. :blush: :+1::+1:


Thank you very much for your kind advice!!!

Thank you very much for giving me your time and advice!

Put some knowledgeable information according to work when reply the buyer request.

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Marched with more straggle

Be true and genuine to buyer’s needs because no 2 buyers have the same problem to solve it is you to set the same solution for their situations by the same tools you acquired. So in my opinion, tailored offer as per buyer’s need would pave the way.

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