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Buyer request no shown

Hello everyone. I’m new in Fiverr. Recently I published my first gig 3days ago. But I didn’t see any buyer request from my fiverr dashboard. It shows empty. What can I do now? can you please suggest to me? Thank you

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What you’re experiencing is normal. New sellers see fewer requests than levelled sellers. Some don’t see any at all. Keep checking the section to see if something comes up, but don’t get your hopes too high.

For more info: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.)


Thank you for your reply. How long I have to wait for that? I didn’t get any order from my gig. If buyer request are shown to my dashboard, then it may help me for getting my first order.

It varies so much. I couldn’t give you any kind of average wait time to see requests.

According to a user called Vickiespencer, a buyer request disappears to you once 10 sellers of your level have applied to it. As there are lots and lots of new sellers, requests disappear to newbies very quickly.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the BR section, but without too much expectation. You might catch a request now and again.

The good news, if you can call it that, is you’re likely to see more requests once you reach level one. That seems to be the trend.

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Hey Raahmat. I know you’re new on Fiverr. so you need to complete your Fiverr account fully. after that you need to refresh again and again on Buyer request page!
let me know if it’s clear for you.!


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Thank you so much brother for the information.

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Thank you for your tips brother.

Best regards.