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Buyer Request Not Removing Automatically

Today is 24-jan-2021, But Still Showing December 2020 and previous days buyer request. Not Removing automatically. Please anyone can help me to solve this issue. Thanks


This is actually intentional!

If a buyer hasn’t received any good offers, they can choose to keep their requests there for as long as they would like. Some buyers also make requests and then forget about them, so the requests just sit there until the buyer ends them.

I wouldn’t worry too much, and if it’s bothering you, you can just click “remove request”. I hope this helps!

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I know, But I’m facing this problem since 1month, I was try talk with support but they dont giving me proper solution, they are waiting me.

There’s no solution to this!

In my reply above, I stated that this is just the way that Fiverr works. Buyer requests don’t automatically remove themselves, and there’s nothing we can do about it except clicking “remove request”, which is something you would have to do manually.

This could be a new feature to add to Fiverr in the future, but as of now, there’s no way to automatically remove all the old buyer requests. I hope this helps!