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Buyer Request not showing anything for me

I am to this fiverr for around 15 days… So far didn’t get any orders. The buyer request is showing always empty to me. On the top it shows 10 request is for you today but not showing any request. Is it a problem… what should i do to get at least a single order???


When you are promoted to the rank of “Level 1” seller, you will likely see plenty of buyer requests that you can respond to. Until then, you’re probably going to have to find your customers through effective marketing and promotion.

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@vpereiraj same problem :expressionless:

Dear @jonbaas Could you tell me how to promote myself from “zero to Level 1” seller.
Thank You.

No, I cannot, because part of being in business – even as a freelancer, is researching and learning how to do this for yourself. Find where your target customers are located, go to those places, and convince those customers to hire you.


You could 1) Create more gigs 2) Update your existing gig. 3) Check the BR page a few times a day if you aren’t already.

Your current gig cuts off part of the text when shown on your profile. Making the gig image around 1.619:1 aspect ratio will reduce the chance of text getting cut off.

You could show another image in your data entry gig showing something representative of the work you’d do.

In the 3 packages of your data entry gig, you could make it clearer what the differences are between them apart from the price. ie. all 3 packages are for 6 hours of data entry work.

Maybe change the last gig tag from “copy p” to “copy paste”. Maybe also reduce the revisions from unlimited.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

for new sellers it is often empty