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Buyer request not showing in my profile


How can i solve this problem ?


Buyer Requests do not appear on your Fiverr profile.


Excuse me, I am not understand. I am new here. My Recent Buyer Requests page active buyer 17 . No updating . Many time i refresh & Remove request but no change . Next refresh i see 17 buyer request. Any way solve this problem or any fault to me . Please suggest me.



Don’t focus on Buyer Requests are your only source of POTENTIAL sales. You can go find your target customers, and market and promote to them as well. Don’t expect Fiverr to be your only source of sales. You might make a sale here and there from the Buyer Requests section, but it’s not going to make you a consistent, successful seller.

You need to go find your target customers, and tell them about what you offer. Your target customers are the only people who will purchase your services long-term.


Thank you for your kind information.
Thanks a lot.


Same problem to my. Last 2/3 days


To answer your original question, though, this issue seems to be site-wide; it’s happening to us all.


Thanks. sometimes relax.


Same, mine Buyer Requests page won’t update :frowning: