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Buyer request not showing of WordPress categories

I am a WordPress developer. I have uploaded gigs for two categories. One is WordPress and another Web Programming. But I don’t get any buyer request from WordPress Categorie. What should I do?


There are thousands of claimed WordPress developers on Fiverr. Perhaps the many other people who offer these services are obtaining the related buyer request offers before you. This is normal, and is how the competitive market on Fiverr works. If you aren’t getting the kind of attention/orders you want here on Fiverr, then it may be time to take responsibility for your own success, instead of expecting Fiverr to provide it to you.

Figure out who your target customers are, go to wherever they are located, and find creative and effective ways to convince them to hire you.


I think its normal. I am newbie here and i get buyer request often

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Take a good look at the title description and see if everything is OK.

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