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Buyer Request not showing


i have 3 gig and tomorrow i can see lots of buyer request but now i can’t see any buyer request on page what should i do for that?
and some how someone complain my android gig for no reason fiverr denied my android gig and i can’t see other gig buyer request so how can i get buyer request?
and photoshop buyer request is not showing longer for me if anyone here can help so please help me guys


same to me…
i have made 3 gig but nothing show any buyers request…
How to get order.
Please help me…


hi , same problem , showing lots of seller offers instead of buyer requests .


hi , same problem , showing lots of seller offers instead of buyer requests.


yes… friends…
earn a budges
Participate here "forum"
Share your gig on Social Media and other platform
after show some buyers requests and refresh buyers requests page.


it will show after few hours.
don’t worry.
I also faced same problem yesterday.
today it is back to its pavilion.


I am too facing the same problem.


Are you guys advertising your gigs in buyers request? that is not right, that is not what buyers request for,


First see your gig is active mode, when gig is not right so some time it will be…


and also with me too, i can not see buyer request for some time now. !!!


i am also facing this problem plz give us solution


I cant see buyer request today
yesterday the problem was solved but now I am again facing this problem…


Help please Not getting any order! I have alot of impression on my gigs and clicks but not any order why? :frowning:\


If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.


Dear you just wait then you get buyer request job.