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Buyer Request not uploading


From yesterday my buyer request is not uploading. It is same as yesterday although I have 7 gigs active and categories are not same. Is there something I can do? I have already contacted CS. Any suggestion(s) would be helpful, thanks.


I’ve have been having the same promblem too.


This issue seems to be site-wide; it’s happening to us all.


It is a apparently a general problem. Let’s just wait and see what happens


Same here! :slight_smile:


Well, looks like I am not the only one.


Got the same problem here…


Got the same problem here


same problem :rooster:
What I supposed to do


Same problem also. The worst part is that Fiverr doesn’t say anything. They take 20% when things are good and don’t care when things are bad


I do not have any idea. I am in the same position as you are, tbh,


Actually, not like that. Maybe they are not aware of this issue. I thought it was only me who is having this issue. Now I can see many more are having same issue. It is better to contact CS and let them know about this bug.


looks like that problem is affecting everyone. let’s just relax and wait


same as you noman_k


Hope, Fiverr fix it quickly.


Same! Everyone has this problem @fiverrsupport just making sure you guys know!


same problem is here. seriously I am really upset why this is happening to us.


Hope they fix it soon,


Yes, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.


still not updated, its my ‘buyer request send - time’ and i can do nothing