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Buyer Request now Send Quote

Buyer Request have been changed to Send Quote

Mod note: It is under the Selling dropdown as before, just with a different name.
If it still says Buyer Requests for you, don’t worry about it.

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Hm, I still only have Buyer Requests line

We asked the Buyer Requests to be changed to something better such as “Looking for Freelancers”.

The problem is not with the sellers who send offers, the problem is with sellers who don’t understand that Buyer Requests means requests created BY buyers for sellers not requests to get buyers :stuck_out_tongue:


I can relate; some sellers use that platform to promote themselves. Some of them even add their gig link saying you will see the sample of the job they need as a buyer. Its just f*#king retarded!

I think they also fixed something in the background. For the past 2-3 days I’m getting 30-40 new requests for my category. A while back it was around 10 and it was updated only a few times a day.

(The quality of those requests hasn’t changes, still lot of spam, but at least requests are coming through)


Name change is enough?
you can call that to any name - they must try to resolve all issue of there :slight_smile:

for example: many people complaining about ur behavior and nature…And you just changed your name and feel all issue solved ! isn’t funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Find a solution of stop sellers to post in buyer request.

I think it’s not a problem with the name itself. I don’t believe that sellers who post in Buyer requests section, don’t understand the meaning of it, I just think they spam there because they want fast sales with no effort.

If fiverr will do allow sellers to post in buyer request. they will always do. you can’t go to every seller door and say “stop post in buyer request”

There must be restriction of post request in buyer section for sellers.

Well, actually some of them don’t understand it. At least that’s what they have told me :slight_smile:
I don’t use up my 10 requests a day, so every now and then I send an offer to nicely ask them to stop spamming. 5-6 replied back claiming that they thought it’s the place where you request buyers or thinking that this is a wall where you can post anything you want.

Now, obviously changing the name doesn’t eliminate spammers, but if you decide to change the name then do it in the right place :stuck_out_tongue:

I contacted customer service once and they advised me to send buyer request to get better results of my gigs. I haven’t done that yet, but I decided to do that and I reached to this conversation. Is it bad? Is it good?

Is it bad? No
Is it good? The only way to know is to personally try it.

Seems like no change yet …