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Buyer request number

I have 6 gigs in web development but i don’t find enough buyer request.How can I increase the number of buyer request?

If your gigs are all under the same category, you won’t see an increase in BR. Unless you’re able to offer gigs in other categories as well, the BR you’ll be able to see will all be under the same category and thus be limited.

Also, please change your description. A quick google search reveals that the part after “since 2016” is copied from another freelancing site. If you’re going to copy-paste, maybe actually finishing the sentence would be more helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

But one thing I have offer gigs in 4 Categories but still not getting enough BR

Since BR is very dependent on the amount of buyers who actually need services, there isn’t a way to boost that artificially if you’re already offering gigs in the categories you’re capable of completing.

My own gigs are also in four different categories, and I’ve always found BR to be sufficient when it comes to finding work. (I am also not full-time on Fiverr, but BR is still a great way to get started.)