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Buyer Request Offer Count bug


I sent an offer to a buyer request. At one time the Offers said “2”.
After some time I refreshed the page but now Offers says “0” (zero offers) even though it still says “sent offer”.

Also, on the “sent offers” screen it shows there, though there the “duration” and the “delivery time” always match. There’s nothing showing the actual duration buyer put in their request on that page. It shows the sent number of delivery days in both places (eg. there’s nothing showing the “20 days” from the above request in the “sent offers” screen).


hmm, that’s strange…

@cyaxrex seems to be experiencing some kinda issue of his own with Fiverr’s inbox and file attachments. Not sure if it is a bug as of yet.

I don’t know for sure, but could these two be related in the sense that multiple elements on Fiverr’s website are experiencing issues/bugs right now? :thinking:


Maybe there’s been a recent site update that’s introduced some errors.