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Buyer Request offer should be more than 10!


Fiverr having a Great plenty of work for sellers. A huge amount of Buyer leaving their job request to get quality seller/work.
But a very much limited offer 10 per day to sent against 1500 buyer request. It’s very sad:cry:
If the Daily offer is more than 10 it will be a great help for us our sellers I think.


I think it’s more than enough. If your bids are good, then you should be able to get at least one response out of 10-20 bids sent.

On the other hand, if your bids suck, then no amount of daily BR will save you.


It’s not enough I think against a huge amount of buyer Request.


Ten daily requests are more than enough. This limit is in place to encourage sellers to learn how to compete for jobs – no seller deserves an order… they EARN it. And in the BR section, those sellers are going to have to learn how to write great offers if they want to earn the business of a buyer. If you’ve been responding to requests, and haven’t gotten any orders as a result, then the fault is not with the buyer, but rather, YOUR offer. Clearly, you can do better.

Write a better response, and COMPETE for the sale.

You don’t deserve orders, you earn them.


Thanks for your helpful message


Why don’t you post the last response you sent to a buyer’s request here?

Other buyers and sellers might be able to say if it is your responses that need some work, or suggest if it’s something else. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not something like that if i write too much word i will earn the job.

The last response I made is I will create it for you basis on buyer requests & it’s convert on my order.


That’s not what we were saying. Offlinehelpers suggested that you post a random offer you sent because that way we’ll be able to take a look and see why you’re frustrated with having only 10 offers to send per day.


Some of the works i having experienced but for less offer I can’t offer them.


I don’t understand what you’re saying, and I don’t think you understood me, either.

We’re just asking to see something you’ve sent to a client before.


I always bid writing ““I will do for you””


Hmm, that’s all? Any luck?


Same question as nikavoice. I’m genuinely surprised you get any conversions if that’s all you’re messaging potential clients.

Many buyers ignore template responses, and this is even less effort than a standard template response.


yes it’s lucky for me I already get 6 new client


It is lucky, but wouldn’t you want to up your game and get even more conversions if you could? You can do that by actually putting effort into BR bids.


Well, that’s impressive. :astonished: I mean it’s vague and doesn’t have any substance at all. As an avid Buyer myself, I wouldn’t feel compelled to place an order. In other words, it wouldn’t entice me to spend my money.


I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and guess that this is 100% the issue.