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Buyer Request Offer spam

Hello Community,

I as buyer and seller here on Fiverr find it extremely annoying that hardly noone looks at the request. Instead, send a copy-paste text over and over again. Many buyers even state in the request that they should be read.

As I read here very often, the offers are pretty important for a seller.
Why? It’s just not a good impression for buyers!
And very annoying as a buyer.

You should definitely change that in my eyes!

Thanks for your attention :sweat_smile:


It is the buyers’ fault most of the time.

Will they read all 150 offers to get the seller that knows what he is doing and actually stopped and read the request or will they buy “logo for $5”?

We know that it is very rare buyers will read anything beyond 50 so time is of the essence.

I write custom and wait.

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There is a reason for this. In the buyer request most of the buyer doesn’t put the appropriate price. So seller just do simple copy/ paste and send the request

Classic spam example.