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BUYER REQUEST offer Templates

hello professionals/Experts kindly share me your BUYER REQUEST offer Templates that also helps them to get a order .Thanks


If someone takes the time to post a custom ‘buyer request’, they are probably not looking to read a ‘template’! Take the time to read their request and respond to each one individually. Over time you’ll probably find that you can re-use parts of your proposals, but you should still write each one personally for the client.


but the buyers request shows for a very smaller time that why i tried templates for most of the time


They don’t magically vanish by the time I finish writing the offer out. You have to reassure the buyer you read and checked everything.

Just from listening to other buyers on the forum, they all get frustrated when they receive template offers. They’re looking for sellers who actually understand the request and took the time to read it over.

Try sending offers that relate directly to the request you’re submitting them too. You’re bound to get more sales that way.


Templates are not the way to go.

Check out this helpful article:

With my personal experience, It will be way better to send your custom typed request, it is highly effective and the conversion rate is way more than the pre written tempelate.

I have had case when the customer received more than 100 requests and I was selected in it.


I think that you can use a template, but wisely. Change the parts that the customer needs and use a spinner, and you will have a complete and unique proposal.

Don’t forget to check spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

The most disappointing thing is to read a poorly written document.