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Buyer Request & offers left today


Some time i sent offer to buyers request and it abolish my offers left today because they do not understand the requirements and just have a request to make a web site. Some buyers make castles in the air.


But your gig is ‘I Will Create Your Website With Divi Theme’ for $5?

Your description says:
I will provide you the following Word Press services:

Create a whole website in Divi or other Word Press themes.
Install Word Press on live server
Customize each and every page according to your requirements
Install and activate required Plugins
Create all pages
Add responsive slider
Re-design your existing website
Setup blog page
Add contact form 7
Add gallery
and more

No packages - just a list of everything it seems you’ll do for that same $5.

Perhaps you need to describe more clearly what you’re offering, and more importantly for how much, so your buyers have a better idea, and you don’t lose the opportunity to answer more buyer requests? :slightly_smiling_face:


My question is this why buyer does not understand the requirements for a web site creation.


Your buyers may well not know what goes into website creation, so they don’t know what the want or need.

As the expert, you’ve got to explain exactly what they need, why they need it and price accordingly. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a big difference between a buyer knowing they need a website, and knowing what goes into one.


I am a seller, but if I were a buyer I agree with @offlinehelpers, I would have no idea what I would need to order to have a website created. I would look at your gig and thing that all of the items on your list are what I could expect to get for $5. If I were you I would see how other WordPress sellers have their gigs set up. However, do not copy their packages, as that is against Fiverr ToS. Good luck.