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Buyer request option does not show in pc

Hi guys, I am new seller in fiverr. I have created a gig. Buyer request option is not showing in my fiverr page when i open it on my pc (chrome, mozila browser) but buyer request option shows on mobile. plz help me someone.

Make sure you’re in “selling” mode and click the “More” option at the top of the screen.
“Buyer Requests” will be the first option shown after selecting “more”.

Yeah i am in selling mode but there is no “More” option at the top of the screen even there is no option at the top of the screen. My navigation bar is left side of the screen.

Make sure you haven’t zoomed on the browser (make sure it’s showing it at 100%). Make sure the browser is full screen. Also I’m assuming you have a high enough resolution screen, eg. is it around 1080p or higher?

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thanks for your reply. My browser is not in zoom mood. it’s 100% full screen. I have also tried to open with iphone there is also same case. only fiverr app show buyer request.

What’s your monitor resolution? Also Fiverr wants people to use Chrome so it’s probably best to try with that.

If you have a lower res screen the option might show if you move the navigation bar.
If the problem isn’t because of a low res screen you could try refreshing ctrl+F5. Or maybe you’ve got “no page style” selected or something.

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my monitor screen resolution is 1024X768. I use chrome.

Yes that’s the problem (I just checked with that resolution). It’s too low resolution. You could contact CS through the helpdesk to see if there’s a fix or way to see the option with that res.


Thanks a lot to reply.

Thanks bro, I have change my screen resolution and now it show navigation bar top of the screen. Buyer request option also shows. Many many thanks to you. best of luck.


Hi how you change screen resolution ?

Try right-clicking on the desktop and selecting “display settings” or maybe there’s something like NVIDIA control panel which may show after right-clicking on the desktop (depending on which graphics card you have, if any) for changing it.