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Buyer request option does not show in pc

right click on mouse then you will see display setting.

Thanks for that theme. Faced with that too. That have an easy solution: Ctrl + ‘-’

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hi i also have same problem that there not show the buyer request option on my fiverr page on my pc

Same here…the Fiverr options not showing

thanks my problem solved by changing the screen resolution thanks once again

zoom out your browser to 90% (Ctrl+ - )

zoom out your browser to 90% (Ctrl + - ) mac os (Cmd + -)

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Hi, I’m also new on fiver. Same is the problem with my account. Buyers request option is not there on pc nor on mobile. Neither it is showing even after zooming to 90%.plzzz helppp


Even my app doesn’t show the option of buyers request

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Im also facing same issue plz guide me how many resolution i shoud set and from where??

Zoom out your browser 80%. Then you will show more.

Thanks bro its really helpful. I had the same problem, now get the solution. Thanks again

Thanks for your solution. I solve same problem according to your answer.

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Thank u so much dear . Actually my problem have same like this men . But ,now my problem have solved . again thank you

Thanks Bro. i had same problem but now it is resolved. Thank you again.