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Buyer request or Seller request? My Daily question


Happy New Year to everyone .

I really worry about the the Buyer Request… I check every day that some sellers offer their services in this section , Normally I have to waste time reading and removeing requests of those sellers. (IN the Android APP is not able to remove those request, and of course I waste time reading them), every time that I refresh the “Buyer Request” section…

Also I observed that those request have several Offers… I that let me asume that some sellers (new ones probably) lost an “daily offer” and a opportunity to contact a Buyer.

I think this section have only for Buyer request and not for people less serious.

What Do you think let me KNOW … ? DO you agree to create a request to the fiverr crew, in order to report them?


Happy New Year. Just type “sellers on buyers requests” in the search bar above and you will find lots of posts on what is one of the most talked about subjects on the forum.


When I was newer to Fiverr, I was very curious about Buyer Requests and the Sellers who posted there and had many offers. If you read my post from back then you will find that it is very entertaining.


Thanks for your comment… I am totally agree with your previos post… I asume many things I am right about them…