Buyer request order


in what order does buyer gets the buyer the requests? by this I
mean if I send someone a buyer request than after me someone else sends too so whose request is going to be on top?


I think buyer requests show in date/time order - if the seller selects a particular category/subcategory. So for that category/subcategory the one that got submitted and approved most recently I think will be the one that will be shown on top. Note: they don’t appear in just date/time order if the seller selects “all categories” (and has gigs in multiple categories) - in that case it’s likely sorted by something else.

Also, you can’t really send a buyer request to a particular person - it gets sent to all the people who have gigs in that category/subcategory.


As per my analysis From past One year FIverr will show requests to Random order to buyer, Means If 20 people Submit Response to Request fiverr will show as per analytics of Seller. Like if some one have Submit request after you and having good Reputation on fiverr then his GIG will be on top then you.