Buyer request page is empty :( how to get work here?plz help


buyer request page is empty :frowning: how to get work here?plz help me

am member since sep. 2015 but was not able to use fiverr…now a days am trying to use this but i think have some problem in my account…


The only problem you have is that you aren’t willing to do any work to market and promote your gigs to your target customers. You seem to be expecting sales to magically appear, and then make you rich. Unfortunately, that’s not how Fiverr works. If you want to be successful, and if you want to gain sales, just like any business… (here’s where you’ll want to take notes)…

You are going to have to go out and find your target customers. Work. Research. Promote. If you aren’t going to do these things, then you’re not going to EARN any sales.

This is how business works. Get out there and make it happen.


I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to put this.

“I Will Do My Best Of The Best”

Best of the best for what???

“I Will Do Something Am Really Gud At”

GOOD at what???

Sorry if I’m sounding harsh, but seriously, are you even trying?


Permit me to answer this… no, he is not. He is clearly not trying even in the slightest. I think it’s safe to say that he thinks Fiverr is a get-rich-quick website, and he’s baffled at what he hasn’t become rich by merely sitting and waiting for someone else to do all the work for him. :wink:

It baffles me why so many “new” sellers think they can achieve success by merely wishing for it. Success takes work. No work… no chance of success. :roll_eyes: