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Buyer Request Pleague of Sellers


I just wanted to ask you all, Why are there so many sellers promoting in the buyer requests, yet, I keep getting rejected if I try to do the same? Im a newbie and simply confused.
Thank you


What are you trying to promote?


Hello @ibmelh3, don’t post your services in buyer request page to request for orders as a seller. Your account will be banned permanently.
That page is only for buyer requests, they can post and sellers are only allowed to send offers to those requests.
So be careful and don’t do such activities which can make your account banned permanently.

I hope this information helps.


I just do comic sketches :confused:


Yes! I know now, but why are 90% of the “requests” sellers promoting gigs?
Esp. if legit sellers can get banned from doing the same


Those sellers either don’t care if they break the rules or don’t know they are breaking the rules. Either way, it is against the Terms of Service and there is no point in trying to do it. People who are only buyers cannot even see the things posted in Buyer Requests, so a seller cannot effectively use BR to advertise no matter how hard they try.


Please don’t post your gig in Buyers Request. Do search in the Buyers Request to see if there are people requesting the type of service you provide.

The sellers who do this just don’t care if they’re breaking the rules, so don’t stoop to their level.

Welcome to fiverr! Wishing you all the best.


Ok thank you for your time everyone


You’re most welcome.


Thank you! Ive been trying to look but 90% of the requests are sellers :frowning:
Yes I know not to do that now
Thank you!!


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