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Buyer request policy or how it works?

Hi, I want to listen from professional and experience Fiverr freelancers!

I am a new seller, successfully completed 24 orders and most of them get from buyer request. But I don’t know what is the Fiverr policy about buyer request and how it works, Sometimes there are 10-20 requests at a time but sometimes I do not see a single buyer request in weeks!

Can someone guide me about this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Because your question has been asked many times on the Forum this answer was created.


Your profile shows that you joined 2 years ago and that you have 10 hours read time on the forum :face_with_monocle:


I am not Level1 and Level2 so what I can say?

Yes you are right I joined in 2018 but account was OFF, I not work like other sellers.

Thank you so much @vickiespencer

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You say, “I am level 0.” :wink: