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Buyer Request Private Message

Well I think that would be nice that we (sellers) could contact buyers from BR on private msg.It would be much easier to know can we make that kind of work,and buyer to explain us what does he really wants.Because right now if you offer a buyer something,but your text is a question and they accept it you have to cancle it etc etc.So please could fiverr stuff do something like this ?


Providing sellers with any ability to directly contact buyers would be an invitation to spam and wouldn’t happen.

Instead of cancelling straight away, you could have the conversation you need to have in the order, then send an extra with extra time when you’re sure of the requirement. Or be clearer in your original offer that they shouldn’t order from you but should contact you first.


No! Totally disagree on this thing. Try to think from the buyer point of view. Then you have to face everything what @capitalquality mentioned.

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Won’t happen for sure, great opportunity for spam and abuse.

I want my gig’s more and more sell

Would be the same to invite everybody to an interview who just reads an ad for job. Doesn’t work.
Buyers have to be specific in their job descriptions and as they aren’t I avoid the BR-section like a vampire avoids garlic or something…


I guess you are the only one who wants that :wink: