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Buyer Request Problem for Logo Designers

Hi Graphic Designers out there.

You all know well that Logo design category is the most competitive category on Fiver. Here I want suggestions from experienced Designers regarding below problem.

Since in Logo Design buyer requests there is a huge competition and every offer gets 10+ bids in every second. In this scenario what should we do best? How we can apply smartly.

Any specific techniques?


same doubt here :smiley:

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@logo_art_pro how is the sales of a logo designer going on in fiverr. And can you help me how to improve my gigs

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Hi buddy, if your gig is rated well among first pages of search then its going good otherwise its a long wait and keep improving your Gig by research. Do not copy paste, get an idea of the script and try to write it in your own words and do consider the use of keywords.


well said sir… @logo_art_pro

I am trying my best waiting for the first order pas a month

Who are your target customers? Who are you trying to sell your services too? Once you figure this out, and you research where those customers are located, you will know where to go to “smartly” apply your marketing. If you want logo design orders, you are going to have to learn how to compete, and learn how to connect to the people that will hire you.