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buyer Request problem

We do not understand what happens when a Buyer Request comes. What to do

When buyer request in request section?
then you can read and send an offer to this buyer.

If you mean buyer send request in inbox section
then you can chat with him and see if you can do this. If you can then you can send him an offer or let him to use one of your gig.

If he already bought your gig and request then your work start here.

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My problem is that i can not see buyer reques list. what can i do now?? please help me…

It’s under selling section.
Go to the dashboard.
Up left you will see selling
Press selling and then buyer request

If you still can’t see it then use this link. It will direct open your buyer request if you are sign in with “shamimahamad”

Note: link won’t work on other user