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Buyer request problem


Hi everyone,

when i send offer in buyer request, It creates a message in my inbox.

but today i don’t know why, It is not created when i sent an offer

Anyone else having this issue?


i get message from seller, he told me he send a message to me. Will i get message but when i go to inbox there wasn’t any messages from him ( I mean message where he told me the price , because i get other messages from him ) but this and another message wasn’t able to find it


Happening to me too in the past 2 days :frowning:


@nirishere, I’m having the same problem. I want to follow up with more info but there is no original contact in my inbox. I contacted CS and am waiting for a response.



I just got a response and unfortunately this is not a bug. Fiverr in all their infinite wisdom changed their system.

"Thank you for contacting us about this. Gig Requests are no longer managed through conversations and you won’t be able to contact your Buyer at this point. They received your offer and they can choose to contact you or order your Gig through their Request page."

I will be following up with CS to let them know how I feel about this idiotic change that keeps Sellers from communicating with potential Buyers before they place a gig order. I predict a wave of Mutual Cancellations.


I’m sad to hear this news that gig requests can’t be managed through inbox any more. That was great way to communicate with customers. Mostly due to the fact that sometimes the choice for selecting a gig that matches the buyer’s request is not the one I want to choose. So I have to message buyer with right gig and than I have the opportunity to present my service to the client in that message.

This was not good decision…


You are right friends,

This creates a lack of communication between the buyer and seller.