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Buyer Request Process?

Hi Fiverrs,

Does anyone know what actually happens when you send an offer to a buyers request?

I have submitted 23 offers so far and they are all still just sat in the sent list. Do they disappear once the have found someone and accepted the work? How long does it normally take for a buyer to accept an offer?

Just some general questions that are burning my brain at the minute.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :slight_smile:


They don’t disappear from your sent offers list. The requests disappear from the active list if you’re a level 0 seller and enough other level 0 sellers have sent an offer (10?). A buyer can stop (or pause I think) a request or it can automatically stop (not be shown in any active list, including level 1 seller or above) after 30 days, though I think the buyer can resubmit then so occasionally I think there can be requests > 30 days old (but the vast majority won’t be >30 days old).

They don’t automatically disappear from the list when someone has found the work.

Probably normally within a few days I think (eg. within 3-4 days I’d guess normally). Maybe the highest chance is on the same day the request is posted. eg. if they message you and you can show you can do the job they want.

You could search the buyer help page about posting a buyer request to see how that part of it works.


You know what, I would never have thought of that lol

Thanks dude!


If you would like to see ‘the other side’: Buyer's Request: 39 Offers, Should you bid ❓


I want that same question’s answer.

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Welcome to fiverr @omifi103 :wave:

No, they dont disappear from the list what you’ve sent even if they select someone else.

It depends on buyer and there is no restriction even if they come after 6 months and accepts the offer they can simply do that.

I usually checks the buyers profile if they have review recently related to the gig what they asked in buyer request then it means the work has been done already.

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Thank you @swayam89 :+1:

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