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Buyer request promotion?


Sometimes I’ll spot that people advertise their own gig on Buyer Request saying He can do blah blah blah for just $5.

I’m wondering how can the buyer request be accepted by CS at first hand? No wonder he has friend who work in Fiverr or probably he use another way to get accepted? I screenshot photo of the request and I also have seen it before…


hoe you can say like that?


People are dumb and don’t understand what BR is for.

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m fairly sure that no Fiverr employees are filtering manually through the buyer requests. It’s an automated process, so inevitably a few rogue self-promotion posts get through.

Just ignore them and you’ll be fine.


That is good advice. Don’t waste your time being concerned with them. The only people who can see those post are other sellers. So when you see they have offers, the responses from other sellers wanting the people advertising their own gigs in Buyer Requests to buy from them. Or they are other sellers telling the to stop promoting their gigs in Buyer Requests.


Ignore them. Fiverr doesn’t have enough staff to filter all of them, but they also don’t let their friends or family post gigs in BR. It’s not worth worrying about.


If you search the forum, you’ll see that this was discussed many, many times before.

It’s not. There’s no manual filtering as far as I can tell, just an automated process.

Bashing Fiverr employees is forbidden by the forum rules. And besides, that imaginary friend wouldn’t be doing them any favors; buyers can’t even see those ads.