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Buyer Request Proposal For New Fiverr Users

Hello All Newbies,

When start working on fiverr i god many order form buyer request and use one of my best proposal written for all kind of jobs. This is all of to you send buyer request and change litter bit according to your skills.

I would love to have the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.
My greatest intention is to earn a 5-star review from you and I believe that I can do the job well done and in the best way possible.
I am a “professional logo designer” With over 5 years of experience I am very proficient at designing beautiful “logo designs”.
I’m looking forward to work with you on this project. Thank you”


Nice! I think it’s also wise to offer irresistible prices and rapid turnaround times. The reward will not be in the payment just yet (seeing that you will be putting in more effort than you’re being compensated for), but that shiny 5-star review that could possibly yield a nice snowball effect. Of course, after you have some great reviews under your belt, you can set your prices and turnarounds to more comfortable numbers.


Its great for me.

Thanks you so much.


yes its nice for all kind of jobs.

Thanks buddy.


Thanks for share your experience


This is unlikely to gain you any responses because the above is a statement all about you. Buyers are not here to give you 5-star ratings. Most of them could care less, they just want great work – even if they don’t plan on leaving any kind of review.

This is extremely vague, and does not address the specific needs of a buyer. It you want to win the job, be personal. This is not personal or personalized.

To be honest, your quoted seller response is one of the worst that I have ever seen. It is not personalized to the buyer, it is all about you and what you want to get out of the project, and it is vague and unimpressive. You can do better. All sellers responding with this kind of message can do better.

I’ve been a buyer in BR many times, and I can tell you with 100% honesty, I just ignor and delete every single copy-paste message like that that comes my way. The people I hire in BR take an interest in me and MY buyer needs, they don’t tell me how awesome they are, and what kind of review they want me to give them.

Perhaps that terrible copy-paste seller response is why you’ve sent 4,000 BR responses in two years, and won so few orders as a result

I also find it interesting how you were complaining about getting so few orders from BR, and when people started pointing out what you were doing wrong, you edited the number of orders received to make it look higher.

You have 518 reviews on your account. It is highly unlikely that you gained 200 of those orders from sending that terrible copy-paste seller response to buyers in BR. :wink:


This isn’t a good approach at all. Sorry.

Why? Because you’re not tailoring to the buyer and instead making it all about you. Even in your message about success, you’re just saying what YOU want to get out of it. That isn’t how sales work.

It’s vital to tailor Buyer Request responses to the individual and their needs. Never just send a copy/paste message. You may think your message is convincing, but it isn’t. All it communicates is that you want work. It doesn’t communicate your value to the buyer and their needs.

Never send generic messages. Ever.


As other said already, it is really bad idea to send buyer requests like that.

Also, no idea why you made same(or very similar) post that you did on Dec 17

You already got there many messages that are saying that you are doing this wrong, but I guess you didn’t listen at all


yes its same and little bit edit.

Just for newbies form 2 years.

I see many sellers requests.


This doesn’t make any sense.


Thank you so much to share your experience.

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If I am a buyer and receive this proposal from you, I don’t have a reason to believe that you read my project description before sending this proposal.


Make your offer individual to the needs and wants of the requesting buyers!


Well said. That is a major turn off for buyers.


I am 100% agreed . tailor made responses have generality to grip the peoples mind but it needed to gain attention by diversified messages, which would appeal the peoples to contact you.
Warm Regards

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How to make proposal unique?