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Buyer request query?


How much order completion rate is needed to maintain to send buyer request?


Here is the full details about buyer request issue.


From the above linked topic


my feedback rating is 5 but because of not getting order my order completion is getting reduced day by day.(i think) So i am not sure whats actually happening?


If it’s getting reduced day-by-day it’s because the 60 day window is if you completed orders around 60 days ago, soon those orders won’t be counted so unless you’ve completed more orders to make up for the ones that move out of the 60 day window, there may be a lower percentage of completed orders in the new 60 day window, so causing the completion rate to drop. So just a few cancellations in the last 60 days can have a big effect if there aren’t enough completed orders in the last 60 days to keep the rate >=90%.

If completion rate isn’t a factor in whether you can access buyer requests (and I think it isn’t) just refresh the page every so often during the day and you’ll see them (they can go quite quickly), and when you get to level 1 there’ll be a lot more probably. So send as many offers as you can do when you see them.


@uk1000 thank you so much


agree with uk1000 - i have been on fiverr for two months and live by BR! it may be the newbie bump but i have been blessed so far :slight_smile: