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Sorry if this has already been asked, but I haven’t seen it and the “Your topic is similar to…” bar also isn’t showing the same thing…

As a new Seller, I have the BR page constantly open in a tab and I check it every 15 mins or so. I’ve noticed that sometimes, the buyer will request a demo of something (a few recorded words, usually - I do vocal work), but there’s no way to attach it to the bid page. I know Fiverr frowns on leading others off-site, but is it allowable in such an instance to record the audio, upload it to, say, SoundCloud and send the link to it with the bid? Unless the buyer responds (or happens to also be a Seller), this’ our one shot at that job and I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot since as it is, I rarely get a response, anyhow.


If you were to offer free sample work, which I would not recommend, I would do it through inbox attachments. There are special cases where people can use dropbox, but you’d have to ask support about that. The easiest way is to record it, and upload the file through Fiverr message attachments to the user.

Have you considered setting up a portfolio that you can link to through your Fiverr profile? This would cut down on feeling like you need to do custom sample work, and you’re allowed to link a portfolio on your profile. Edit: SoundCloud may count as a portfolio.


Thank you, but I’m not able to contact buyer’s outside of the box that pops up on the BR page and it doesn’t have an attachment feature, which is why I thought I could start uploading such things to SoundCloud or someplace and link to the page in the response.

I’m fine with the samples I have, but sometimes the BR asks for something specific…The BR that prompted my question says, in part, “If you believe you qualify please submit a recording of “cat”, “bird”, and “polar bear” (required of all candidates)”, so things like that are not something I have already at-hand. And since there were no responses when I saw it, I was in a hurry to be first and therefore not thinking completely at that time.


Mention in the request that you can offer those samples via inbox then. He will most likely send you a message. Again, I have to advise against offering too many free samples. Usually a lot of people look for free work that way.


That’s pretty much what I did; I just wondered if there was a way to send it without having to wait for them to contact me…And I understand about the free samples, but as a newbie, I’m more open to it if it builds my portfolio and results in more sales and more repeat buyers. But I won’t do the whole thing like that; in the above scenario, the seller ultimately wants 63 words spoken, so I figured doing a demo of 3 was no big deal…Thanks for your help, though!


I personally link people to my art portfolio through BR, but I can’t say for certain whether it’s frowned upon or not. It’s the same portfolio I have linked in my profile. I do know that Fiverr doesn’t like it when you add links to your gig.

If you want to be totally sure, I’d ask support about it. Perhaps someone else here can shed light on whether it’s okay or not to offer a portfolio link. If you do ask support, I’d be interested in knowing the answer as well.


What I’ve done is just let the buyer know that I can’t upload a sample to the offer and to contact me for a custom demo if they’re interested after reviewing my regular demos. That way I don’t do the extra work up front but the buyer still gets a sample of my work.


Thank you; that’s what I did and lo and behold, the buyer contacted me about 20 mins ago, asking for the demo I promised, :slight_smile:


That’s great! :grinning:


Hi everyone,
please let me know can i put pinterest link in gig description for portfolio and send buyer request with pinterest link? i’m very conscious because its my 2nd profile.