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Buyer Request quick response

Hi there,
I am Samsul Haque. I am a graphic designer. I am a new seller on fiver. I am already send a lot of buyer request but i can not get any buyer response. but why?

Please Give me a tips about buyer request on graphic design.
I want buyer quick response. Please Help me.


I wrote this guide a while back. It might help with your Buyer Requests.


Same here; I am back for almost a month and sent as many requests according to tasks. I receive one or two messages, but no order. I am worried about it. I created new gigs but still facing issues. HOPE FOR THE BEST

Thank you for your valuable tips

BR are notorious for people who want the impossible for $5. Most of your replies will go unanswered.

Most of the few responses you get will be from people who are either clueless or trying to scam or otherwise use you badly - like the kid who was trying to use me to deliver the job he seems to have accepted even tho he admits that he can’t do it. He was rude about my pricing to try to cover the fact he must have sold work too cheap and assumed I must want to be cheaper again to solve his problem. I know this as he lost interest real fast when I made it clear that he cannot put his name on it and resell the work.

My ratio with BR is about 58:1 which is better than some but still means a lot of effort for very little return. Lots of being ignored.