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Buyer Request Rant!

I thought the name “Buyer Request” meant a request from a buyer? Why are there so many seller offers in there? am I missing something? The forum expressed using this for new/old sellers to build clientele however this feels like it is a mass dumping of deals from sellers (the actual buyer requests).

I am just ranting to blow off some steam. I do understand the importance of getting work from other options however this seems to undermine Fiverr and all the amazing work that has been done in support of this site!

Feeling better now! :rose::rage::rofl::blush:


It’s been an issue for several months now and I sure hope Fiverr is working on a solution for this!

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Yeah, it’s really stupid and annoying. Sometimes they actually mask themselves as a buyer until you click in and find out they’re selling!

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yes. i also find this problem very annoying. in buyer requests section there are lots of sellers who are posting there gigs offerings.

This problem is as old as the forum.

Sellers who post in BR are intellectual not very developed. Beside the fact that it is annoying to skip through their spam, it will NEVER bring them any sales, as there is no potential buyer who sees it.

I never have a look at buyers request for this and several other reasons. I see this area as a ghetto.


Yes, it’s really annoying and sometimes buyer request is very less in my profile.How to resolve this??

And the funny thing is… these sellers are too dumb to understand that the buyer requests are displayed only on the seller’s feed, not on a single buyer’s feed.:grinning: