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Buyer Request Really?

In my Buyer’s Requests right now:

Need originally created 2 music with vocal 1) Budget :$5 2) Each track need to be atleast 3:00 or more 3) Complete copyright to use under my name 4) Complete unique track so that it doesn’t get copyright strike. I take monthly 8-10 music. My last guy is busy that’s why need a new seller

I am assuming your last guy either died of starvation or got some self-respect.

Really, apart from terrible technical language indicating a clueless customer, a proper piece of music will take about ~8 hours to do well so that is less than $1 per hour for skilled work (before any revision requests which I am sure will be terrible)! On top of that, the expectation is for complete ownership so they can go make lots of money off the work they don’t deign to pay for respectfully!! Topped off with vague carrots that will most likely never pan out but if they did will ensure devotion to a really bad master!!!

Sign me up please, I am tired of self-flagellation, I’d like someone to do it for me.

Come on people, this is not a job request. It is an insult to everything relating to music, business, entrepreneurship, human dignity…

If you make jobs like this, please think again.
If you are a freelancer thinking to apply for this sort of job, please think again.
If you are a service hosting this sort of garbage, please think again.



I agree! It’s so sad to find requests like this. I visit BR every day and find countless like this one. We, sellers, should just ignore these kind of requests so that buyers will learn that our work has worth and should be paid reasonably. Unfortunately, I see that this kind of requests still receive offers (probably copy-pasted). But seriously, we should just ignore them.


I think it has gotten way worse with COVID. Not that the virus causes stupidity (although I’m sure a case could be mounted) but I think that with so many people suddenly thinking that buying & offering services from home will be such and easy path to take to achieve the wildest fantasies they believe they are entitled to that the bar has been dropped so low & badly that it won’t recover for years to come.

On another service yesterday I reported 3 of 4 jobs for being outside TOS (not to mention morality). You know what? Not a one was altered. One even suddenly came back with the same job published four times. Each time a cattle call. All work, no pay.

Yes, if ALL freelancers ignored, then this would improve, but it won’t happen. The sites themselves should be looking at the damage it is doing to them but…

Thanks for reading & replying



There are two groups of sick people in here. One of them is requesting such nonsense. Second one is accepting and offering. Should they meet each other, they degrade the market and help spreading sickness wider. It´s a pity.


I have a whole collection of those. Here’s one of the recent ones

This one might not sound too bad, given ridiculous prices some people here have on bg removal, but I checked out the photos, they were all fluffy/curly hair on complex backgrounds:

And here’s one of my personal favorites. A whole contest, yay!


Oh, I’m sure he is. His great-great-uncle twice removed died and his dog ate all of his equipment once he fully realized the predicament he’s gotten himself into.

The level of delusion is truly terrifying. On both parts, mind you. Assuming that his “last guy” is an actual human-being that exists.


Oh, he could exist. Someone new, desperate for work, applying without thinking, realizing what he got himself into and deciding to suddenly become very, very busy. Possibly staring at the ceiling, which would still be more lucrative.


I hadn’t thought of that, maybe the last guy doesn’t exist. By saying he does, we think, oh this is acceptable/desirable work because someone else great had it - now it’s my turn… Sneaky.

This whole approach to “buying” is immoral and I wish Fiverr would put a stop to it. Saying, oh but it’s up to the seller to decide is like having a shop selling radioactive lollies and saying, oh sure they are poisonous but it’s up to kids to decide which lollies suit their situation. It wouldn’t pass law anywhere and is not related to the true ethos of Capitalism either.



In the book editing segment of Buyer Requests is this!:

I have no words to say what I feel about this one… In my estimation, this is several days’ work for the princely budget of a fiver!

— BUDGET: £3.97 ($5)

Hello Am looking for someone who can help me change a story into first person narrative, it is already 22k words, i want you also to make it around 30-45k words as i will provide you the outline for the story , so you can make something good pls do not bid if you cant do with this budget


Wow that is super impressively INSANE. Double the word count of the book whilst completely rewriting the perspective for $5.

Surely that is weeks or months of work. I doubt Steven King could do that in a day. Or even that women’s romance person who seems to write a book a month (11 of which I assume she paid $5 for here on Fiverr as they are truly terrible).

I would find this all kinda funny if I could get real work on these sites but people wanting something done seem to have gone from stupid to insane in the last few years as all the jobs seem to go to people I wouldn’t let pat my cat. It feels like 30+ years of developing real skills was for nothing. Oh well, such is life.



Hi Benedict,

Yes, writing takes a fair chunk of time for many people. And of course, the buyer who posted that Buyer Request also has 13 offers. Oh–I forgot to say, he also wants it done within 24 hours!

I would be able to double that client’s word count within a few days, as well as editing their already completed 22k words. But not for $5! Ha.

In fact, I have a job coming up in which my client has written 15k words and needs me to edit those and increase the book to 30k words, and my fee is $795. I expect to get that particular job completed in two editing days but I am a relatively fast worker.

I am fortunate enough to be getting a mountain of great jobs here despite advertising relatively high rates. In my category, I think all the professional editors are so busy that we’re turning down jobs every day. You should consider a category change, maybe… : )


Well that is good news. And yes you write faster than I do. Not that I ever considered myself a writer - even though I do/have done.

Music seems full of crazies who think that it is all in the mixing & mastering. They can send utter drivel and for $5 overnight (with infinite revisions) it will turn into a guaranteed Grammy Winning #1 Hit where they sing in-time, in-tune, and the instruments & backing vocals appear by magic. I mean really.

I tried Writing gigs a few times elsewhere but I got annoyed with the expectations being outside of professionalism. A guy in a technical field who expected me to “make up” his science for him. The touchy-feely stuff like good for the environment I didn’t mind but how his product worked when he refused to give me any facts to start research (and I am a Composer, not a Chemist - subtle difference) was not comfortable. The constant demands for underpaid clickbait sites leveraging my domain experience in music yet telling me to deliver garbage advice so they can shoehorn people into overpriced software…

I do have one client a Professor of Law for whom I prepare a podcast on policy reviews for Policy Wonks to stream. Physically & mentally a bit harrowing to be paying close attention to chopping & balancing every word for hours on end (at base wage) but he is respectful and thankful for what I do. He understands he could get it cheaper but then the quality & attention to what matters would not be there.

Again, thanks for listening.


At the risk of seeming like a nutcase, here’s another on another platform:

Hello everyone,
I need a catchy music for my youtube channel , intro and background
$100 - willing to pay more for Expert

Ok so not terrible pay as such in that it is not $5. But, bear in mind that music worth delivering takes at least 8-10 hours to develop and make ready for delivery. It is highly skilled work, esp for Idents and commercial work (which is not clarified here at all).

There is no Brief or Scope info yet we are supposed to pay to pitch on this in some serious way.
How long is the music required? What style ticks this person’s idea of “catchy” music? Do they expect a simple electronic Drum & Bass, Death Metal, or a full Orchestral work-up with the Berlin Philharmonic recorded at Abbey Road? (you’ll be amazed at how many think this is gonna happen based on wanting clones of Hans Zimmer or Avengers scores that must sound as good - for $20).

This all leaves me assuming that this person is completely clueless and if I spend around 30 mins preparing a presentation, they will probably not understand and therefore be offended at my arrogance and audacity to ask for $550 let alone more info they are unable to articulate. So odds on I will never hear from them, having wasted time, passion, and money on credits (which would have been better served throwing rocks at a wall).

This should not even be classed as a job that gets published in a place that pretends to be professional.



It’s very sad that such abusive and deluded buyers exist.

It is also very sad that some sellers are so desperate that they will no doubt agree to those terms.

The best thing we can all do is simply ignore these ridiculous requests.


So this person over is saying he knows if someone is scamming him and at the same time scamming himself. Asking for work before order. My god, something should be done for these buyer request.

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Someone contacted me recently to do 10 posters for them to sell in their store. I sent them a link to my portfolio and offered to start with one, then proceed with the rest if the result is up tp their standards.

They picked the most complex design for me to do in 70x100 cm HQ, then went on a long tangent how they didn’t feel “safe” to pay me before getting the result and how my portfolio did nothing to elevate their fears.

Some buyers like this are just scammers, some legitimately don’t get that a seller on the other end of this transaction would also like to feel “safe” and have some guarantees.


Completely agree with you. CS and buyers should think from seller point of view as well. But who cares after all?
I had an order recently with a buyer, who is a seller himself. He provides service of freelancing. He makes freelancing website like fiverr. Clearly mentioned in his gig, i was reluctant whether to work with him as such type of people seems like who are providing service of duplicating the fiverr website and making their own company. But good news is that order is completed successfully but the seller is weird. He just replies with ‘‘ok’’ to my every message. So i had to change me wording to make sure his ‘‘ok’’ response matches with my message :laughing:

Sad the this person does not get that their threats make them really very unattractive for any seller. They assume everyone is ripping them off so it makes it ok in their world. of course they make their expected outcome a proven reality.

I saw another in my BR just now, should have copied it, where they were saying that like this they needed work done first and to only apply if not a time waster like everyone else. That was a whole song for $18.

Willie Nelson sold songs Words, chords & vocal melody - not full orchestrated & mixed productions in the 50s for as little as $100 to get by. That is not $18. In '20 dollars that needs to be at least $500.


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And here’s another:

I’m looking for someone to produce an instrumental for a pop/rock song I’ve written the lyrics for. If possible, a vocal guide to go with the instrumental would be great as well. A demo would be much appreciated so that I can get the feel of your music style and if it would fit with the song. The lyrics will be provided so that you can take a look at them and get an idea of what I’m going for. I will need commercial rights for the instrumental so that I can distribute it across platforms when the song is fully produced, though all proper credit will still be given. Delivery time of 2 days or less is preferred. Current budget is $10.

Umm, so that is hours and hours of skilled work for at best $1ph - probably half of that.

That you expect most of the work to be done before pay, like you are King Superior this is some sort of cattle call, is doubly insulting. Do your due diligence and research the people who apply. Or even better research people and approach them (with a fair offer). If they don’t have a portfolio don’t talk to them. If you are too lazy to look at a portfolio and extrapolate who seems like a competent muso, then you are too clueless to do this at all and will only be burned when you hire a fool - who may try to do the right thing but cannot through lack of skill on both sides of the equation. That will be all on you as it will be all on the person silly enough to take on this job.

My Q to this type of person: your ma/dog/daughter/playstation gets sick, do you take them to Dr Nick Riviera because he is cheap or get the most skilled surgeon around? Do you expect that top surgeon who puts (insert person here) back on their feet to get $5 for that?

My advice, no one can Arrange & Orchestrate your song properly if you can’t be bothered to provide the Chords & Vocal melody. If you expect someone to provide Chords and/or Vocal Melody, they are the Composer and due at least 50% and/or fair pay for this skill. Then fair pay for Arranging & Orchestrating, then fair pay for Vocals, Mixing…

What would you expect for 10 hours of hole-digging? Pay at least that.

Fiverr, learn to see these kinds of insulting things (I can’t call this a job as it fails on every part of that) and remove them fast as this is destroying your platform (and therefore income) faster than you realize.


p.s. The stupid this is that this sort of person is too silly to realize that if they want cheaper or collab work, it can be had, but to get that they have to develop a positive relationship with someone privately - not a job board. there is this thing called the internet with people with Websites, YouTubes… all dying to show what they can do. Make someone want to take you on. It takes effort and you have to commit but that is how most real bands got started.


While this may be genuine, it comes off looking more like ways to get several unpaid mixes:

I am an Audio Engineer looking for a sound engineer to assist me with mixing and mastering in case of illness or heavy workload. It is important to me that he works with Cubase so that it is easier to share projects. Need a Testmix first.

This is unprofessional on several fronts:

  • while I get working only in your fave DAW, not everyone uses the same tools so why limit yourself. The standard is Audio Stems and has been for as long as mixing exists - so everyone can play with everyone based on talent, not tools.
  • No mention of who he is, style, expectations, or budget.
  • Test Mixes just scream unprofessional. If an applicant doesn’t have at least one track to show, they are not suitable. If a Mix Engineer can’t hear the skill & style in another engineer’s work, it says they are not skilled themselves. Getting free work first says this is not a job.

Good people don’t work for free. Good people don’t expect that of others.
How you present has a HUGE impact on how your business is perceived.

I sent a request to talk but I will be amazed if I hear from him.


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