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Buyer Request Really?

My God, this entire thread gives me horrible anxiety :pleading_face: :grimacing:. That these sort of buyers are so narcissistic, they’ll promise anything to get a seller to do what they want, and when nothing is ever good enough to justify their unreachable expectations, they show their true colors, and make it seem like it’s all the sellers fault. And to add to the level of how awful it is, there are sellers who think they need that order so much, that they’ll agree to that insanely demeaning low price and end up with nothing but abuse :broken_heart:.

Maegan, it is indeed rather rough on the soul when as someone who devoted their life to a craft you should be told over and over how little you are worth; that such thievery should be accepted as fact that this is all your craft and you are worth.

And then one of these people who spent $15 on a hack for work that should have been $500+ complains to all that they didn’t get what they deserve, therefore all sellers are sharks…

And while it is rife in music I see it elsewhere too. I barely practice as a Tarot Counsellor anymore seeing people don’t want help, they only want to be told unconscionable lies. They are telling me what “angels” should tell them.

It is hard to live with - at least in any healthy way.


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Currently seeing a offer in the ‘blog/content writing’ requests that states the following… ‘i need a blog post person i have a facebook page the main idea is to create engagement to funnel that engagement to my youtube channel . interested send me the experience and how much i will review all offers and i will decide who to choose if someone ask me for my budget i will block him’

He’s asking this for £3.88… now I don’t know the ins/outs of this, but looking (trying to gather) what he’s wanting from this task that’s a hefty ask for a cheap budget.

Does make me wonder how he’s got over 20 offers in an under 24 hour period, it’s scary to think how much effort someone’s going to have to put in for well pennies! :frowning:


Some buyers have knocked to me for a complete business website about 10 pages. But they would pay only $5.
I am worried now what I am doing and what my career will be!


These are are both very sad things.

It is amazing though that the people who do this are so blind that they cannot see that this is not business in any sense of anything. You can’t fib like this and expect to get results.

There is a reason Reebok or McDonalds spends good money on adverts, this is so they get good results. If McDonalds ran an advert the likes of what can/will be produced for $5 they would be out of business in a month. That said I do see many adverts that are deliberately terrible. They seem to specifically appeal to the lazy & stupid. They are welcome to it ; not what Buddha called “right living”.

If you have a micro budget, there are still ways to get things done but not by expecting that you deserve McDonalds results from less than you could ever buy a street-vendor taco.

On another platform I just answered a request to score a business video where they showed the competitor’s video as well. The client has all but completely cloned their competitor’s video. They want the composer to clone an Enya track! Can they not see that this is not showing their business as unique but simply a poor quality clone. I have suggested that they take another direction (still same feel) than to clone Enya (or an Enya clone) but I expect that I will be ignored for daring to care about their outcome. They will have been sailing their ship this for 6 months, I have been doing my craft for over 30 years.



Hi Benedictrm, I am really so happy to see a quote of The Lord Buddha.
“Right Living” is one of the Eightfold Path.
Really everybody should follow the Buddha to live a very peaceful life.
I am a Buddhist from Bangladesh.

Officially I am Athiest (as I understand all Buddhists to be) but the words of most of the prophets, at their core, are all good.

The Eightfold Path concept always appealed to me. Less judgmental than how we now interpret/read the Christian 10 Commandments, even tho essentially the same.

Elements of these ideas appear regularly in my work. Let’s see if you can interpret this:


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That’s what baffles me about Fiverr.

They want to change people’s perception of Fiverr, but they don’t change their practices to make it a more credible company.

It makes no sense.


Laziness - expressed as greed - is really hard to rationalize in any sane way. Yet people do. Because their logic is broken, they have no idea the damage they do.

This is my definition of Dumb:
When you are so interested in yourself that you damage your self-interest

  • Cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  • Refusing to go see Beaches with the wife then wondering why she won’t go see Die Hard.
  • Paying $15 for $500 of work then wondering why you got a $15 result.
  • Treating your Freelancers like dirt then asking them why they don’t love your project.


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You’re so right, when i was new on fiverr 8 months ago, i used to hang a lot on buyer request (i haven’t got any order from it lol) and i feel this category is full of kids or people with limited intelligence.
Everything i see are people who want a pro work for 5€, requesting a lot of things with the famous “If you are not qualified for this DONT WASTE MY TIME”, i never saw such aberrations from this tab that never brought me any order anyway.
I even wonder if people writting this are aware of what’s going on… they don’t deserve any attention, i often saw people who wanted video editings with effects, motion graphics etc for 5€ with descriptions that look like a 5 years old kid that use a keyboard for the first time, pathetic…


It’s not a collaboration it’s pure slavery, and yet there are those who accept it whether it’s here on Fiverr or elsewhere.

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We should try to change this. Convince anyone to follow the rules and be responsible toward the entire freelancer community, means having a dignity.

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that is very correct opinion thanks

Wholeheartedly agree on all these comments.

It is demeaning to all to have such a strong amount, and therefore impression of tacit support that this kind of self-sabotaging stupidity is working for anyone. We should all stand up to it.

The problem though comes when those who stand like adults are attacked by whose who are children (or maybe mere beasts with 666 marks on them) who claim victim status and the their apparent moral right to behave as immorally as they please. This means that they have their economy anyway. They actually don’t want better people in it as it only reminds them that their plans can never work to build anything but destruction & pain…

Ayn Rand had it right in “Atlas Shrugged” when she suggested that the real powerhouses of such a broken society leave and go establish a place where they can behave well and therefore build things that won’t get destroyed by the silly every night in some sort of Sisyphus cycle

The $50,000,000 question though, is where is such a place? Where are these people?



So disappointing but terrible true fact. Our time is worthless to them.

Here’s one from another service:

Hello music and audio professionals!
We are excited to be moving forward with the development of a potential new jukebox musical. We are looking for a professional musician and producer, with experience in arrangement and composition, to join our team.
The project requires the creation of musical arrangements for a stage musical (approximately 16-17 songs). Most of the songs fall into the pop/rock-ballad genre. The deliverables include sheet music notes for the orchestration AND audio instrumentals. We are looking to begin immediately and aim to have this project completed by February 2021.
If we are to work on this together, you should be comfortable with a video-call format for discussion and revision alongside the playwright.
We are searching for someone with a background in arrangement and music production, English proficiency, detail-oriented, with a good sense of humour. If that’s you, please apply!
Stay safe and healthy! 1. Are you committed to working through several drafts and revisions until we are satisfied with the result? 2. Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon hiring?

Yay $2,000 sounds like a lot

Must be serious. They say they are excited. So clearly I should be too to sacrifice 2 months of my life to endless messing about as they try to make a musical and I clearly have to keep Arranging, Re-Arranging, Orchestrating, Re-Orchestrating… Skyping…

Yes, someone really does need a good sense of humor to do this to themselves.

The stupid thing is someone would do it free if they were only smart enough to have developed real relationships with industry types. Instead, they set up this basket case that some poor fool will fall into.

Saying professional over and over only works if your proposal is sane. No seasoned person will want a bar of this, and then there is the pay - or amazing lack thereof for a professional. This is at best $100 per song. This needs to be at least 10x this for what I can forsee happening.

Don’t fuss on the NDA as this puppy ain’t worth nuttin’. No, I am not being mean, I will bet real money - the money I could be earning if I applied - because they show nothing to prove they have anything.



Buyers think they can buy so cheap even free from newcomers in fiverr

And the Darwin Award today goes to:

I need someone to fix my Ableton installation issue. Im trying to install version 10.1.15 (cracked version) on Mac Catalina 10.15. Somehow I cant get the patch working, I have attached the error and instruction screenshot, you can check. I had an old version installed before which I replaced with this one. If you are using a cracked version yourself and successfully installed it, this shouldn’t take much time for you. Let’s get into zoom and fix this issue. Thanks

Ok so let me get this straight, you advertised in public that you use stolen software. You also want someone to help you get it running properly by (ab)using the framework of another business to steal again.

Do you wonder if this person is likely to be a good customer? Is his $15 offer (stupid low for tech support) worth anything seeing he has shown he is a thief?

Once a thief, always a thief. Doesn’t matter how Hipster a bloke he pretends to be down the boozer, he is a thief. I wish there was a real way to report BR as so many are against TOS.


I’m a blog/article writer.

The Buyer Requests that come up in my category are insulting to say the least.

No one is going to write a 2,500 word SEO article for $5.

Well, unless you are really desperate and offer something silly like “unlimited revisions” on top of it.

I hear ya. This is why I don’t ever bother pushing that good write can me never no more.

There was one on recently another service:

Hey, I would need to hire someone that will create a valuable mixing ebook for our website focused on music production / audio recording. I would offer 200$ for this job, it should have 15K words of the original content and include images made by yourself in DAW, showing how to mix music by using various plugins and techniques. I will need 100% original content, plagiarism-free and without grammar issues… also formatting is very important, and you have to have real experience in the music industry.

So not only a writer but knows about Mix Engineering. I’m your man. Except…
$200 (less fees) for 15,000 words = $5.33 per 500 words! In a specialist domain!!!

This is before demands to rewrite the sections where he believes he is better at Mixing and forces me to replace good advice with stupid advice because he saw it on some tut. Or it’s the kind of garbage he tells his followers - and they wonder why mixing is so hard.

I mean really that just guarantees his book will make Sharknado 6 look like quality work :crazy_face:


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