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Buyer Request related issue

Last two days i couldn’t find any buyer request on my buyer request Page, so i not sent any buyer request if anyone know why this problem created for please help…Thank You


Buyers Request doesn’t have posts all the time. When no requests are showing, it means none were posted. An empty Buyers Request does not equal problem.

Since Buyers Request isn’t reliable, Fiverr and Fiverr sellers have often suggested marketing yourself off site without spamming social media.


thanks for your opinion i remember that may this my account problem so i can’t find out any buyer request,now i’m ok and find more than 6 more buyer request here>>>>thank you

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Buyer requests are shown based on gig category and sub category that you are offering. So if you have more gig on different category, you will find related buyer request.

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thank you for your opinion i was published my 7 gig in WordPress and eCommerce category already completed 1 order with five star review pray for me bro

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