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Buyer request reply requirements message

When the buyer wants the work sample through the buyer request, can I give the samples in the Docs file?

At the moment I need to know some more Fiverr policy information, what kind of words should not be used in the Fiverr inbox message. Those of you who are experienced please help me with this information. Thanks


Here is a list of approved portfolio links:

Scroll right down to the bottom.


You can use all words you want as far as they are following fiverr TOS !


You can’t attach files to buyer request offers. I would suggest linking your portfolio or just letting them know that they can check out your work on your gig page!

To avoid breaking Fiverr’s rules, make sure that you read the TOS and follow the rules that are in the TOS.

Here’s a few:
Don’t ask for emails or phone numbers.
Don’t ask for payments outside of Fiverr.
Don’t ask for reviews.

I hope this helps!


Thank you so much for helping me with important information. :heart:

Thank you for extending a helping hand. In the meantime, I am getting the information on the Fiverr policy but I am not getting the specific information yet…