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Buyer request revision "Hello"


How you guys deal with this situation?
After 3 days buyer request revision saying “Hello
After total 6 days he says “I am having problems with the model
and after 12 days buyer replied “Hello” in inbox section.

My replies are pretty much

Thanks for mentioning this. Can you tell me what type of problem you are facing?

After 2 days

Hi again and can you tell me what’s the problem with my models? That way I will be able to fix.

And reply to the inbox "Hello"

Hi. How are you and can you tell me what was the problem on my model?
Thanks for saying Hello to me :blush:

Look at me acting so nice and gentlemanly (if that’s a word)


Whenever i see “Hello” it reminds me of Lionel Richie Hello


I said that joke first

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I don’t allow it to go on for that long.

I ask them to specify what they need me to change. If needed, i politely remind them that I can’t help them unless they tell me what they need me to change, and/or that to please keep in mind, when they click on the revision button they should supply me with all the information about the changes they need.

I send one or two reminders of this sort, and if it doesn’t help, I request a cancellation, with the explanation that they’re not providing me with the necessary information and that I can’t work like that.

Sometimes they send the information after that, or ask for an extension because their end client still haven’t responded. Or, if that doesn’t work, I cancel the order, and never work with them again.


being humble and gentle in your business communications always brings good results. No mater, if your client tried to inform you, about something he didn’t got satisfied, handle it with your best attitude will convert your customer into your fan. And who knows the problem he mentioned can heal off by conversation only, or maybe a little touch is not a big deal.

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I love this singer, and this song too, and specially the line! “and my arms are open wide” how much feel it has? really a golden memory.

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Thanks and I am thinking that too but this was my 2nd order from that client. The first one went well
This 2nd time I asked him what he wan’t in inbox section and i made that 3D model i sent video preview so client can see how it looks plus after that i also did modifications as well and when everything was perfectly fine then i sent custom offer and sent the models in delivery section.
These 3D models are in obj format which can be view in windows 10 without using any program.

That is so true.
One time we cancel order mutually after i sent my work and after cancellation buyer call me names like stupi* or something.
I talk to him about his project and gave him some advice. He end up order my gig again and gave me a good review.
I was so proud of myself (i don’t think it’s good to proud of yourself :thinking:)

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Lyrics are :musical_score: touching.

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Sometimes they become unreasonable after several orders that went perfectly fine.


Yeah, That’s true and i always put myself on their shoes thinking what might be the reason but in this case i can’t say anything accept what you mentioned.
The model is basic and simple. It has a simple shape and texture which can be use in any program plus the modifications are all done.
I am lost and i think if i cancel it then buyer will talk to me more.

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Does anyone know what will happen in this situation? My gig shows “12 days Late”
If i reverse this situation like if i don’t reply to buyer then he has the option to cancel the gig and if i disagree to that cancellation and don’t reply to him as well then i am sure in this case CS will cancel it :thinking: