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Buyer Request Sample

Hi Everyone, I wanted to know about buyer request. When i get buyer request @everyday. And also what will i send them ? Do you have any attractive sample / template (if you have any category). Please send me the sample. I wanted to make my request by your creative ideas. Thanks.


The best response to buyer requests is an offer that meets the buyer’s needs. There is no:

Gina said it best in her post about what she, as a buyer, wants to see in a response to a buyer request.


Also, check this out:


noted & thanks @vickiespencer


They just fish for concepts, like free logo design ideas. Never consider your concepts samples. Use them in paid orders. They will not buy from you, they will just steal the idea and ask someone cheaper to create it (someone with unlimited reviews so they can ask for perfection from someone who can barely hold a mouse in his hand, take the logo from them and cancel the order to get it free). Link them your portfolio.


It is not the exam hall to have some sample and copy them to the answer paper, regarding the offer it will very @mohammedadib

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thanks for your suggestion dear @arcticdesigner

Great topics you’ve created, :grinning: i wanted to get some ideas about buyer requests, what to say, what i need to send…:face_with_monocle: .and through your topics i got so many tips from others. :blush: :grinning:

There is no magic formula but concept. simple but strong…