Buyer Request Schedule


Hello beautiful people! :wave:

As I have noticed, fivver begins to update buyer request at 14:00 in my local time. However, today it hasn’t updated yet.

Is there something wrong with my application? Or is it totally normal?


Oh… Fiverr Buyers Request is not a Swiss watch :wink:
They may change the schedule from time to time…


I see. Hahaha, I thought there was something wrong! Thank you for informing me.


You will see that they change the schedules… they don’t want all the sellers to gather at the same time hungry to distribute their 10 daily offers…
You will find out what’s the next scheduled time :+1:


I don’t understand why there’s a schedule in the first place. If I’m a buyer I should be able to post my request asap so that I can get it done on time not when Fiverr decides :stuck_out_tongue:

Another reason why you can’t use buyer requests. Who’s getting paid to manage that corner or is it just a nice to have feature :slight_smile: