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Buyer request searches


I have tried using two different browsers, used a different computer and also the fiverr app, but I cant seem to search buyer requests. I am in a specialized market and cant seem to search the word “cannabis”,or any for that matter to look for buyers requests. I am able to filter by catergory, but it does not really help.

Anyone else having this problem, anyway to resolve it?

Thank you in advance.


That problem also in my account ,
Fiverr team check and fixing it :open_mouth:
But support ticket open 3 months ago . :disappointed: Not yet fixed


Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad to hear its not just me and sure fiverr will work it out.


There is still no search available with the buyers requests. Anyway to get this working again.


You didn’t get buyer request any time… There are some specific time for getting buyer request. Thanks


Did you ever rectify this problem. I’m having it too. the upper right hand screen reads: “10 buyer requests” but I can’t access them or search for them. This is very frustrating!


Unfortunately not. My search button still does nothing so I have to manually scroll through the full list of buyers requests. I have also tested on another computer, so I think it is something to do with my account?

@karenjoycewrite I think your issues is just that you have 10 buyer requests to send off as offers. Try sending one offer for a buyers request and you will see it will go to 9 buyers requests.


The Search under Buyer Requests still seems to be ignored.
Any idea for an ETA on the fix?


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I think the best thing is create a support request saying it doesn’t work if you haven’t already so that Fiverr knows this feature still isn’t working and that many users would like it to work again.


Try to refine your gig category. Probably your gig is not matching with buyer job post category.


No, searches show everything (they have no effect at all). ie. the buyer request results are the same whether you’ve put in a search or you haven’t.