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Buyer Request section is every time empty

Buyer Request section is every time empty again these days. Is there a bug?

It’s not a bug.

There are several possible reasons for this:

  1. There needs to be buyers actually creating buyer requests (BRs) in the sub-category that you offer gigs in for you to see them. It could be that there are no buyers creating BRs in your sub-category/whenever you check for them.

  2. New sellers/unleveled sellers are shown much lesser # of BRs than sellers of a higher level. Sellers who are level 1 and higher have access to much higher # of BRs.

  3. Here’s another reason why you may not be able to see BRs (as explained
    in great detail by vickiespencer) :arrow_down:

Also, have a look at this forum post for more info on BRs:


This may be due to the improper selection of category sub-category or use of irrelevant tags while making your gig. This is not for sure
Might be Possible you don,t give enough time to check whether there is any buyer request or not. I had the same issue before but now i realized it is just the mismatching of your time and the arrival time of buyer request. I solved this by checking it throughout the day then finally i found some buyer requests and now i frequently receive them.

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