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Buyer request section only for spammers?

I’m a seller but I also buy few gigs when I need it so few days ago I was asking in the buyer request section for a simple graphic design gig so I created a request unfortunately the request was declined but they didn’t tell why.

Now my question is why sellers (spammers sellers) request get approved and mine was declined?

Some one as to do something about it, its a shame to search for gigs and found a lot of offers!

Yeah I have raised the same question in forum few days ago but we can’t do anything about it

Fiverr who is very strict in his TOS will have to sort out this

Unfortunately no one cares…

What did you put in your request? Did you include any urls?

It’s really frustrating, that some sellers don’t fully understand the negative impact of their actions by posting on the buyers request.

Reply to @kjblynx: I understand that they are working on it but my questions is why they allowed spammers and decline real request like was mine!?

Reply to @sincere18: I was asking for a simple graphic design gig, no urls or any other request just a graphic designer for a simple format conversion.

Reply to @solow13: that does seem odd, not sure why it would not have gone through. Maybe there are a few bugs in the system.

As a seller do you reply to buyer request?

Reply to @solow13: If you are a graphic designer yourself, why did you request a graphic design gig? That might have been confusing to the approval team.

Reply to @fonthaunt: again, I was in need for a task from a graphic designer to do a job for me as I didn’t have time to complete it by myself.
The team was confused? I don’t think so as they approve spammers all day everyday!

Reply to @solow13: It is true they approve spammers too often and I can only guess at that just like I did in your case. I’m not staff. My guess is that they don’t check every request and only do spot-checks. If yours was one of those, yes, it may have confused them. Or - it may not have. You posted and I gave you a response, but the rest is in the hands of Fiverr staff.