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Buyer Request section polluted by sellers


Would it be possible to place some sort of filter in the Buyer Request section so that it is no longer possible for sellers to shamelessly advertise there gigs in the Buyer Request Section.

The more self advertisement there is the more useless this section becomes. I there are only (mostly in poor English) gig advertisements it will keep buyers away.
The section is called Buyer Requests so please fellow sellers keep it clean.

Perhaps it is an idea to create a new section for Seller Advertisements.




A million times yes to this. I had to “Load More” three times to get to any ACTUAL buyers today. It’s getting out of hand.


I am sure that we are not the only 2 sellers that want to ban shameless self promotion. Fingers crossed that are voices are heard by the Fiverr decision makers.


I’ll cross the toes too. Just in case.


Yes. We all are sick of this. Don’t know when the fiverr will take a proper action as this has been asked thousands of the time.


I have to fully agree to this. I am new to this platform and all. While I do believe self promotion in moderation is okay, is it weird I’m usually the person that tends to promote others over myself? =\ It’s just that I prefer to earn it myself and not through pointless self promotion. It’s no different than those youtube spammers self promoting their channel on comment sections for videos that have no connection. So, I’m actually surprised this is an issue in Fiverr.


Maybe they can make mods for the buyer request section to help? They can filter and delete the seller spam and keep things in order. I would love to be a mod if that was the case. @moderators_team