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Buyer request section spam

I was looking into the buyers request section and I found some buyers(Actually sellers) post their seller request like I am experienced video editor drop me a text you will never regret I promise and blaa bla black , and some sellers post their own YouTube channel link and ask sellers to take a look how the end product should look like by this technique they farm views on YouTube , is there any way to stop it .
You can share if it is normal on fiverr because I am new here .

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It is not allowed and violates the terms of service. Sadly there is no report button on buyer requests and all you can do is hide the individual requests by clicking “remove request”

Users should refrain from using the Post a Request feature for any purpose other than looking for services on Fiverr.

The funny part is that these sellers get offers—what is hilarious is that they are from sellers who are new and do not understand that there is no job to be had. :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

So, the two groups of sellers are trying to get work from each other. Imagine the surprise of the seller who posted in Buyer Requests! :crazy_face: :rofl:

exactly why any buyer will go into buyers request section, These sellers thinks they are marketing but actually they are wasting theirs and others potential buyers time .