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Buyer request section

I have one question. Do you apply on the requests from others graphic designers who are looking for someone to do graphic design work, but when I look in their profile they are offering that in their own gigs?

So, do you consider them as competition who don’t know to do what they are offering and getting sales with your own work?

And one more thing about buyer request. They are a lot of people offering services and I think buyer request is not for that so what can we do to change that? Do you get annoyed like me:)

Maybe they cannot complete an order and wants help from a fellow seller.

There are a lot of re-sellers on Fiverr. They get orders at high prices and then pay someone cheaper to do the work. The graphic design and logo sections are full of tricksters trying to make a fast dollar and many of them have no idea what they are doing other than trying to make money however they can.

Yes, it’s annoying that Buyer Requests is full of spam. I don’t even bother trying to use it any more just for that reason. The only thing you can do is contact Customer Support and complain.