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BUYER request section

Sellers - do you really have to use this feature to offer your services? You have your profile for that.
I’m getting tired of scrolling through dozens of seller messages and just today someone posted his dog walking service and included his Facebook contact info. It’s just one huge bulletin board for everyone.

Fiverr: If you offer this specific feature, then it should be kept professional as a place for BUYERS TO POST PROJECTS they need help with.

A global marketplace seems like a bad place to put your local dog walking services…

I agree, but it’s been like this forever. I can’t see much being done to improve it in the near future.

I thought it wasn’t allowed anyway I tried to post one on there because others were doing it - thought you could and Fiverr denied the request. So I still don’t know how some are slipping through the net??

no moderation. Or very little.

Maybe it is time that offenders are fined, this will sort out the problem pronto.

I posted a request for the first time a week ago, and there was a delay while it was checked and approved. So all those crazy offers are being approved.

Maybe they’re picking one out of every so many requests to review and you were the lucky winner.

The amusing thing about these dummies spamming it is the fact that it’s designed specifically for SELLERS! Which means pretty much only their direct competition will see their posts and I dare say no one is going to buy a gig from their competition! :stuck_out_tongue: