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Buyer request send for Business card

I think Business card service Provider is High level in fiverr . how many tips for me if I want to impress any buyer by my cover latter ?

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Be specific to send buyer request.
Try to Specify skills and Convince buyer that you’re the best (if you’re).
[Don’t feel offense. Don’t bid those one which you’re not skill enough]

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Feel like you’re the buyer.

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Thank you ! But I write the cover latter shortly . is it perfect ?

Try to Describe.
Like What service you gonna Provide him or like How you can do it.
Or like if the Buyer is in trouble try to be specific the trouble point.

You know the best thing for the problem right?

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Write it so you can be understood. What you write here is a mess in terms of spelling & grammar.

If ask money for this like confident buyer not be skilled be you.
Reflect writing style word do you

If you write poorly, people will assume that you are equally poor at your task and be less interested. This is not mean, it is simply common sense. Would you think a woman who never brushes her hair is likely to be a good wife? Not likely as her messy appearance suggests she will be equally sloppy about everything else.